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Fiona Button (aka Tess from Lip Service) interviewed on The Joel Kafetz Show with Heather Peace heather peace gay roles

Great LezBritain: Interview with Heather Peace from “Lip Service”

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A list of openly Bisexual and Lesbian Celebrities HEATHER PEACE GAY ROLES

At the moment who are the lesbians playing tv lesbians - there is Heather Peace (awful) and maybe Zoie Palmer (who it seems does a good job). I think gay and lesbian actors and actresses DO take on gay roles, they're just the actors/actresses who are on the DL, like Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain, and Jada Pinkett Smith in The Women. Heather Peace is a star. The out actor and musician boasts roles on not one but two hit U.K. television series, Lip Service and Waterloo Road, and her new album, Fairytales, is tearing up the indie charts. She’s also a drop-dead gorgeous butch. As steadfast, square-jawed, husky-voiced Detective. Heather Peace. Also known as: DS Sam Murray in BBC Three’s lesbian drama Lip Service. typecast to a degree, but I love it. I get to play roles that lots of boys would love to do”. It deals with things everybody does, whether you’re gay or straight – friendship, love, betrayal, things that are not about being gay Author: Christina. Nov 16,  · Much like the Native American in the Village People, Heather Peace is the only real-life lesbian in the cast of BBC3’s Lip Service, and seems resigned to her conclusion that this is why she’s getting the bulk of the press attention."Put it this way," she tells me, "If Ruta [Gedmintas, who plays Frankie] was gay, I don’t think anyone would be paying me any attention at all.". Heather Peace. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. Read Roxanne McKee fucked by Heather Peace - Free Sex Story on! After her successful role as Louise Summers in the UK soap Hollyoaks she was offered a . heather peace gay roles